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Auction 101


The Finest Commodities in the world are sold through a modern bid system. Now Luxury Homes, Estates, Recreational Properties and major developments are being sold at auction. You owe it to yourself to explore the modern era of real estate sales, so let’s get started. Call today, 865-584-5791.


Like many new clients today you probably have found us by searching the web. You are doing your research because someone has suggested to you “why not try an auction”. Like any good business person you are trying to make sense out of what you have been told. I will admit that there is great mystery to our business. Many twists and turns and questions about how the process really works, why it works, and how it can benefit me. The selling of real estate at auction is not an easy business.

I can tell you from my experience after 42 years in the business that indeed every auction is different. Every piece of real estate has its story. Each piece of real estate has a history. Every auction is different in scope, technique and process. The truth be told not every piece of real estate can be sold at auction. Real estate that does not sell has a problem that must be discovered and solved. Let us solve that mystery for you.

Alley Auction Company has been creating and telling emotional stories that compel an audience to react and view the properties we are selling. We pride ourselves on getting our hands dirty and digging in to solve the problems of “why your real estate has not sold?”. Alley Auction creates modern solutions to age-old problems on how to get it sold.



“Sold in 10 closed in 20”

Alley Auction Company will put your real estate to market at blinding speed. Signs, webcast, video, drones, e-mail blasts, targeted recipients, newspaper, press releases, brochures printed, mailed and distributed on the street, etc. Our database and introduction to marketing techniques have tremendous response to quickly get your real estate before the eyes that buy. The biggest benefits of a professionally run auction or what we like to call the four C’s and a P. The benefits are conclusive, control, carrying costs, closing, and price.


An auction will bring a buying public to your real estate. Most properties are sold within a 30-day window allowing you to move on with the most important parts of your life.


At auction, you set the terms, dates, deposits, open house, and closing with all facets of the process under your control. No more conditional offers and inspections which are killing today’s real estate sales. Your property can be sold as is with no warranties or guarantees, taking the guesswork out of “will this property pass inspection and close” questions. No more conditional contracts requesting you the seller to spend money on improvements in order to make a sale.


Imagine knowing that in 30 days your property will be sold and ready to close. Your closings are a continguiency free process, date, set and time and kiss your real estate good-by.


Here’s the best part when markets Collide you win. Often times auctions are the best way to determine price especially with unique and different properties. Alley auction Prides itself on perfecting the perfect recipe for branding Market and problem solving to produce the highest and best price for your real estate.


Time is money , interest, taxes, Landscaping Maintenance, insurance, not to mention day today Personal maintenance or upkeep all are eliminated. Imagine knowing that in 30 days you eliminate payments on real estate that is holding you back from retirement new purchases funding other purchases. One of the biggest Concepts that benefit clients today is eliminating a longterm debt or selling an estate that will fund retirement. We know the process and understand the aggravation in selling long-term Holdings. We have helped many families through the process of eliminating an estate and creating equity for families.


U.S. Receivership - 35 Properties
Sold for $2.7 Million
U.S. Receivership – 35 Properties
Sold for $2.7 Million
River Run - 182 Home Sites
Sold For $7.2 Million
River Run – 182 Home Sites
Sold For $7.2 Million
Lee Roberson Estate  Presale Estimate $1.1 Million | Sold for $1.9 Million
Lee Roberson Estate
Presale Estimate $1.1 Million | Sold for $1.9 Million
Candy Factory lofts - 42 units 
Presale Estimate $7 Million | Sold for $13.5 Million
Candy Factory lofts – 42 units
Presale Estimate $7 Million | Sold for $13.5 Million

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